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Truman as a young bank clerk
(early 1920s) C. Paul Baker photo

Mr. Truman's next job was at the National Bank of Commerce in Kansas City, also for $35 per month. His brother, Vivian, also worked there. "We worked in the part of the bank called the 'zoo' which handled the transit checks that came through the bank as a clearinghouse."

Soon Mr. Truman was promoted to personal filing clerk for the president and cashier of the bank at a salary of $40 per month.

Another move up came when he went to Union National Bank for $60 per month as a bookkeeper."

He and his brother boarded at 1314 Troost for $5 per week for room and board, including breakfast and dinner. 'We bought a l0-cent box lunch and spent the noon hour eating it in a 5-cent picture show."

Vivian Truman 1906 (age 20)

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