Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Middle and High School (Secondary) Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Title Author

3 Branches of Government

Kathy Vest and Kay Cox

1948 Campaign Student Activities

Various authors

1948 Whistle Stop Tour

Linda DeCota
1948 Democratic Convention - audio activity
Judi O'Neill

Analyzing cartoon booklet prepared for the 1948 presidential campaign

Analyzing Primary Sources--National Archives Resource Worksheets

National Archives

Analyzing State of the Union Messages (1945-1951)

Armed Forces: Radio Address on April 17, 1945 and a teaching activity

Judi O'Neill

Atomic Bomb-Truman Press Release-August 6, 1945

Truman Library

Basics of the 20th Century: Practicing Reading and Writing Skills While Reflecting on the 20th Century

Tanya L. Hallock
Benton Mural Activity Truman Library

Berlin Airlift

Jean Chirnside

Berlin Airlift: Primary Sources (Photos and Cartoons) to Motivate Learning

Scott Trusty

Berlin Airlift-June 27, 1948 to May 12, 1949

Truman Library
Cold War lessons Various authors

Desegregation of the Armed Forces - Change Over Time

Tim Dugan

Developing Questioning Skills

Election of 1948 - Digital Scrapbook

Megan Horn

First Lady Fashions

Tanya Foster

Gathering, Recording, and Presenting Data

Gala Buell

George Marshall Exhibit Teaching Activities

Mark Adams

German Surrender: Radio address and teaching activity

Judi O'Neill

Great Depression Essay

Cathy Ann Dickerson

The Holocaust: Resistance Movements

Jill McComas

Holocaust Learning Unit

Carmen Marshall

Holocaust and Truman

Mark Adams

Japanese Surrender: Radio address and teaching activity

Judi O'Neill

Kansas City History

Brad Peck
Korean War - Banning Letter Truman Library

Korean War

Brad Peck

Legends Coming to Life

Barbara Carney
Library Project: Truman Book Marie McAdams

Lost Art of Letter Writing

Michelle Vietor

Making of a President

Joyce Randall
Martin Luther King, Jr. Gaye Sharp

Media Blitz

Marie McAdams

NATO Geography & Language

National defense

Tim Leach

Notable American Composers

Aaron Kirchhoff

Nuclear Science: Understanding the Development and Control of Nuclear Energy

Gayla O'Connor

On This Day

Janice Gumerman

Political Cartoons

Roy Keeland

Political Cartoons: Introduction to Symbols

Mark Adams

Potsdam Conference

Truman Library

Powers of Persuasion (Poster Art from WWII)

National Archives

Recognition of the State of Israel

Mark Adams

Scoring Guide for Evaluating Student Research Projects Using Primary Sources

Roy Keeland, Kathleen Vest

Show Me the Money!

Michele Cole

Steel Crisis

Jennifer Payne

Strengthening Social Science and English Instruction with Project Based Learning

Nancy Lewis

Student Newspaper on World War I

Jeremy Plowman

Summarizing political cartoons

Spy's Dilemma

Truman Library

Truman Balcony and the White House Renovation

Dianne Schrik

Truman Doctrine

Truman Library

Tour the Oval Office

Betty Paulsell

Truman's Desk


Truman Family Tree

Jan Butler

Truman Foreign Language Lesson

Truman Pamphlet

Dee Montee

Understanding the United Nations through a Geography Focus

Kathleen Vest

United Nations Milestones Kathleen Vest

United Nations Mini-Unit

Amanda L. Laws

Using Adjectives in Dialogue

Nancy Umsted

Using Truman Footlocker in the Classroom

Using Truman Trivia as a Springboard to Research and Oral Presentation Skills

April Harmon
War Crimes and International Law Various authors

War Relocation Authority

Truman Library

Women's Day Speech

Judi O'Neill

World War II

Connie Stephan

World War II Posters teaching activity

Judi O'Neill

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