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Chronological Record of the 129th Field Artillery

August 5, 1917 Mobilized as 2nd Missouri Field Artillery in Kansas City, Missouri, except Batteries C and E which mobilized in Independence, Missouri.
September 26, 1917 Entrained for Camp Doniphan, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
May 10, 1918 Entrained for Camp Mills, Long Island, New York.
May 20, 1918 Sailed for overseas (except E Battery, which sailed on May 18th and F Battery which sailed on May 27th), via England, and entering France at L'Havre.
June 11, 1918 Billeted in Angers area.
July 7, 1918 Entrained for Camp Coetquidan, near Guer, Brittany.
August 17, 1918 Entrained for Vosges.
August 19-20, 1918 Detrained at Saulxures.
August 23, 1918 Moved into position in Gerardmer Sector, in Vosges Mountains, with echelon at Kruth, Alsace.
September 1, 1918 Relieved from positions.
September 3-5, 1918 Billeted at Vagney and Zainvillers.
September 6-10, 1918 Billeted at Ville-en-Vermois and Coyviller, southeast of Nancy.
September 10-12, 1918 On march.
September 12-15, 1918 In Army Reserve in Saint Mihiel Offensive, in Foret de Haye.
September 15-22, 1918 On march.
September 22, 1918 Took position on Hill 290, northeast of Neuvilly, with echelon at Aubreville.
September 26-30, 1918 In action in Argonne-Meuse Offensive in support of 35th Division.
October 1-2, 1918 Continued in action in support of 1st Division which relieved 35th Division.
October 5-12, 1918 At Seigneulles, north of Bar-le-Duc.
October 15, 1918 Took position in Sommedieue Sector, on Meuse Heights east of Verdun in support of 35th Division.
November 7, 1918 Remained in support of 81st Division when 35th Division was relieved.
November 9, 1918 In action in new offensive toward Conflans and Metz.
November 11, 1918 At 11am ceased firing as per orders on account of Armistice.
January 22, 1919 Moved to Bar-le-Duc area.
February 17, 1919 Reviewed, with 35th Division, by General Pershing and the Prince of Wales.
March 6, 1919 Entrained for Le Mans area.
March 29, 1919 Moved to Camp Pontanezan, Brest.
April 9, 1919 Sailed for home on S.S. Zeppelin.
April 20, 1919 Landed in Hoboken and billeted in Camp Mills, Long Island.
April 30, 1919 Entrained for home.
May 3, 1919 Parade and reception in Kansas City, Missouri, then proceeded to Camp Funston, Kansas.
May 6, 1919 Final discharge issued at Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas.