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Unsent Draft Letter from President Harry S. Truman to Adlai Stevenson, Not dated. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

My dear Governor:

--Your letter to Oregon is a surprising document. It makes the campaign rather ridiculous. It seems to me that the Presidential Nominee and his running mate are trying to beat the Democratic President instead of the Republicans and the General of the Army who heads their ticket.

There is no mess in Washington except the sabotage press in the nature of Bertie McCormick's Times Herald and the ancenic Roy Howard, snotty little News.

The Dixiecrats and the Taft Republicans along with Nixon, Noland, Harry Byrd and the seniority chairmen of the key committees of the House and the Senate make the only mess in the national scene.

You seem to be running on their record and not on the forward looking record of the Democratic Administration as represented by the President, the Vice President and the Speaker of the House.

I've come to the conclusion that if you want to run against your friends, they should retire from the scene and let you do it.

When you say that you are indebted to no one for your nomination, that makes nice reading in the sabotage press, but gets you no votes because it isn't true.

There are more votes on "skid row" then there are on the "North Shore" for the "Party of the People." New York, Illinois, Missouri, California, Ohio and the faun left are worth more to you than Texas and the Dixiecrat States.

You fired and balled up the Democratic Committee organization that I've been creating over the last four years.

I'm telling you to take your crackpots, your high socialites with their noses in the air, run your campaign and win if you can. Cowfeser could not have treated me any more shabbily than have you.

Had I not come to Chicago when I did the squirrel headed coonskin cap man from old man Crumps State, who has no sense of honor would have been the nominee.

Best of luck to you from a by stander who has become disinterested.

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