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Longhand Note of Former President Harry S. Truman, March 20, 1953. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

March 20, 1953

We left K.C. last night, March 19th at 9:45. We were 15 minutes late! Some two months ago it was decided, after various and sundry conferences with Bess & Margie, that we'd go to the Hawaiian Island for a rest and vacation. Well we are on the way there.

I bought rail tickets and bedrooms on the U.P. to San Francisco a month ago. Averell Harriman had called me from Hobe Sound, Florida, and told me he would be in K.C. on the 19th and would then go on to Sun Valley.

The Ex V.P. of the U.P.R.R. called me and informed me that Mr. Harriman's business car would be attached to the U.P.'s City of St. Louis, the train on which I had the bedrooms and would I ride it to Ogden, Utah. Well, of course I would.

Bess and I had been sure we'd never ride a special car again after we arrived in Independence Jan.21, 1953, on the Ferdinand Magellan, the Private Car of the President of the United States. Ike had asked us to use it. We appreciated his courtesy. He had also offered the Independence to us. The Independence is a DC-6 with every gadget and safety device there is on it. It had the first T.V. set, on which we saw ourselves take off for Chicago on Thursday of the Democratic Convention of 1952.

My sister, Mary Jane, and Bess' brothers, Frank and George, and May and Natalie (May & Natalie are the wives of Frank & George) came to the K.C. Union Station to see us off. So did Art Ball, Fred Rolfers, Tom Evans and a lot of news men and many others.

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