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Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, August 28, 1952. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

August 28, 1952


In 1852 General Winfield Scott was nominated by the Whigs for President.

In 1840 William Henry Harrison and John Tyler were nominated by the Whigs and won the election. Harrison died in a month and Tyler, a Virginia Democrat, became the President. He was not popular.

In 1844, James K. Polk was elected President. He was one of the great Presidents. George M. Dallas was his Vice President. The Texas city is named for him.

In 1848 the Whigs nominated Zachary Taylor & Millard Fillmore. The Democrats were split into two factions and Taylor was elected. He died of a stomach infection a year and four months after his inauguration. Fillmore finished out his term.

So in 1852, the Whigs, feeling that their success with Generals in two campaigns would bring another General to the White House placed Old Fuss & Feathers before the people. It took 53 ballots to do it. Daniel Webster and Millard Fillmore were the other Whig Candidates.

The Democrats forgot their differences and nominated a former Senator from New Hampshire, son of a New Hampshire governor and a Brigadier General in General Scott's Army in Mexico on the march from Vera Cruz to Mexico City.

It is said that Pierce had the stomach ache whenever an engagement was imminent. Anyway he was absent at Chapultepec.

Scott was cartooned in his uniform, cartooned eating soup as a result of his statement that he must eat a bowl of soup when he was wanted for a political conference of some sort. Anyway when the votes were counted Scott had 42 and Pierce 254.

Pierce was the best looking President the White House ever had-but as President he ranks with Buchanan and Calvin Coolidge.

A general-5 star-is now the candidate of the Whig party's successor, the Republican. He was tops as a commander in a great war. So was Scott.

So What.

See the "Presidency" by Stefan Lorant "The Presidents & the Press" Pollard.

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