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Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, April 3, 1952. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

April 3, 1952

The lovely Queen of Holland arrived yesterday. She is a grand person. So is the Prince. He has an American sense of humor.

We gave them 21 guns at the airport, a cordial welcome speech, expressed regret that Margie could not be present and then rode through the usual Washington welcoming crowds.

It was all we could hope for. At the District stand the sidewalks and building windows were as full of people as was possible. John Russell Young made a welcoming speech with which no one, including Billy Hearst and Roy Howard, could find fault. The City gave the Queen a key and it rained. The rain was blamed on the Federal, not the City Government!

I'm told that Mrs. Wm. H. Taft telephoned the Weather Bureau in April and asked if a certain day in June would be a clear, pleasant day. She was told it would be. She was having a garden party. The heavens opened and spilled gallons of water on the party. Mrs. Taft wanted the weather man fired. I can't say that I blame her for that wish. I've wanted him fired many a time!

But the weather man needs someone to come to his defense. We've made wonderful strides in our understanding of what goes to make up weather conditions. The Bureau has information on temperatures, pressures and high air conditions that can give the right information on general conditions. No one can accurately predict local conditions. I know-because I've been plowing in a field on the farm, the sun would be shining on me, and a half mile away the rain would come down in sheets on the same farm!

Well anyway the welcome to the Queen and the Prince of the Netherlands was great. People stood in the rain to cheer. I was very happy that they did.

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