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Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953; Lenin, Vladimir Il\'ich, 1870-1924; Sherrill, Henry Knox
International relations; Religions; Church and state relations

Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, February 26, 1952. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

February 26, 1952

The top Bishop of the Episcopal Church came to see me at 5:30 P.M. yesterday. He wanted to protest the sending of a representative to Vatican City. His argument was Church and State. A Nuncio from the Vatican, he said, would cause all Protestants a bad time.

He didn't know, of course, and I didn't tell him that the Cardinals of the Papacy felt the same way about a Papal Nuncio. The Nuncio would rank them all and would have to make their dates with the President!

I told the High Bishop Episcopal that I did not give a damn about protocol-that all in the world I wanted to do was to organize the moral forces against the immoral forces. I told him that Stalin and his crowd had no intellectual honesty and no moral code, that they had broken 30 or 40 treaties they'd made with us and the free world and that all I wanted to do was to organize Exodus XX, Matthew V, VI & VII to save morals in the world.

Sorry he couldn't see anything but the Totalitarian Catholic Church of Rome as anything but a menace to free religion! What a travesty. If a Baptist can see what's toward-why not a high hat Church of England Bishop?

No one can understand such a question, I suppose.

But if I could succeed in getting the world of morals associated against the world of no morals, we'd have world peace for ages to come. Confucius, Buddha, Moses, our own, Jesus Christ, Mahomet, all preached--"Do as you'd be done by." Treat others as you'd be treated. So did all the other great teachers and philosophers.

But along comes Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin to upset morals and intellectual honesty and a lot of "crack pots" want to follow them.

The Great Creator of the Universe won't allow it! I am sure of that.

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