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Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, February 9, 1952. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

February 9, 1952

The political pot boils incessantly. Never a press conference that does not finally end up with-"When are you going to tell us what you intend to do about running for President?" There are many astute approaches to the question and there some very smart boys among the White House Press representatives.

I have known what I am going to do since April 1950 and it is on record. But, at the beginning of a session of Congress, it doesn't not seem to me to be the proper time to make the announcement of "to run or not to run."

At an opportune time, which should not be very far in the future now, I shall announce that on such and such a date at a certain public gathering I intend to make known what my purpose is at the Democratic National Convention in July at Chicago. Merely make that bold announcement, cause so much suspense that everyone in the country will have his radio or television set turned on and then make a riproaring statement of the principles for which the Democratic party stands-in other words state the platform for the party at Chicago, make the announcement as to whether I'll run or not and then stop. In that way I can nail the lies of the sabotage press and the lying air commentators and the columnists whose business it is to prostitute the minds of the voters.

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