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Korean War, 1950-1953; United States-Soviet relations; Communism; Communists; International relations

Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, January 27, 1952. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

Jan. 27, 1952

The situation in the Far East is becoming more and more difficult. Dealing with Communist Governments is like an honest man trying to deal with a numbers racket king or the head of a dope ring. The Communist Government, the heads of numbers and dope rackets have no sense of honor and no moral code.

It now looks as if all that the Chinese wanted when they asked for a cease fire was a chance to import war materials and resupply their front lines.

It seems to me that the proper approach now, would be an ultimatum with a ten day expiration limit, informing Moscow that we intend to blockade the China coast from the Korean border to Indo-China, and that we intend to destroy every military base in Manchuria, including submarine bases, by means now in our control and if there is further interference we shall eliminate any port or cities necessary to accomplish our peaceful purpose.

That this situation can be avoided by the withdrawal of all Chinese troops from Korea and the stoppage of all supplies of war materials by Russia to Communist China. We mean business. We did not start this Korean affair but we intend to end it for the benefit of the Korean people, the authority of the United Nations and the peace of the world.

We are tired of these phooey calls for peace when there is no intention to make an honest approach to peace.

There are events in the immediate past which make it perfectly plain that the Soviet Government does not want peace.

It has broken every agreement made at Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam.

It raped Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania.

The citizens of these countries who believe in self government have either been murdered or are in slave labor camps.

Prisoners of World War II to the number of some 3,000,000 are still held at slave labor contrary to cease fire terms. Children have been kidnapped in every country occupied by Russia by the thousand and never again heard from. This program is evidently a continuing one.

It must stop and stop now. We of the free world have suffered long enough.

Get the Chinamen out of Korea.

Give Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary their freedom.

Stop supplying war material to the thugs who are attacking the free world and settle down to an honorable policy of keeping agreements which have already been made.

This means all out war. It means that Moscow, St. Petersburg, Mukden, Vladivostok, Peking, Shanghai, Port Arthur, Dainea, Odessa, Stalingrad and every manufacturing plant in China and the Soviet Union will be eliminated.

This is the final chance for the Soviet Government to decide whether it desires to survive or not.

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