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Truman, Bess Wallace, 1885-1982
Freemasonry; Fraternal organizations; Old age homes

Draft Letter from President Harry S. Truman to Donald Dawson, January 10, 1952. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

January 10, 1952

Don Dawson:

Mrs. Ricketts was the manager of 4701 when we lived there. She has become invalided and needs a place to stay.

She is an Eastern Star, who has kept up her dues. She wants to go to the Eastern Star Home, which is the only place she can go. Make them take her. She's one of the 153,000,000 who have no pull except the President. She has the right to go to the home.

If this damned District of Columbia had old age homes where a paid old age retirement could be arranged the "boss" & I could take care of the situation. But there is none. So only the Eastern Star Home is left. If the good old lady was not eligible, I wouldn't raise hell about it. But they are cheating her. Stop it.

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