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Hearst, William Randolph, 1863-1951
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Unsent Draft Letter from President Harry S. Truman to Frank Kent, with Attached Newspaper Clipping, September 2, 1951. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

Sept. 2, 1951

My dear Mr. Kent:

I have read your latest spasm in the Washington Star of this morning.

The prostitutes of the mind, in my opinion-and it is only one man's, are much more dangerous to the future welfare of mankind than the prostitutes of the body.

The top mind postitutor was, of course William Randolph Hearst. He was not only a top prostitute of the mind he was the No 1 whore monger of our time.

Did any of our top notch publications take notice of that fact?

I'm sorry to see you, in your old age join these prostitutes of the mind of our great Republic. Your article today is rank prostitution in its worst form.

My suggestion to you is read Matthew V, VI, VII and put your stones in your own pocket rather than throw them at your betters.


[Attached is news article "Truman's Denunciation of Critics Ineffective" by Frank R. Kent.]

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