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Hassett, William D. (William David), 1880-1965; Bell, David E. (David Elliot), 1919-2000; Leahy, William D. (William Daniel), 1875-1959; Short, Joseph H. (Joseph Hudson), 1904-1952; Connelly, Matthew J., 1907-1976; Stowe, David H., 1910-1997; Hillman, Wil
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Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, March 7, 1951. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

March 7, 1951

We came to Key West today in the Independence. Adm. Leahy, Matt Connelly, Joe Short, Bill Hassett, Don Dawson, Dave Stowe, Dave Bell, Joe Feeney, Gen. Vaughan, Adm Dennison, Gen Landry, Dave Lloyd, Irving Perlmeter were on the Independence. We left Washington at 12:52 P.M., arrived at Key West at 4:34, 3 hours & 32 minutes.

Capt. Adell and all the officers of the base met us. The streets were lined with people and they gave me a welcome on this 11th visit, just as cordial as they did on the 1st one.

Inspected the Marine Guard. It is a great organization. All have battle stars on their ribbons and some have special medals and purple hearts. After the inspection we went to the Little White House, arriving at 5:10 P.M. Had dinner at seven and a conference with the staff.

On the way down in the plane we discussed Presidents and their troubles. Collier's published an article about military Presidents. It is most interesting and in the main as accurate as could be expected. Most of the special writers make a three day research and write profound treatises on what they know nothing about. This Collier's article on our military Presidents was very nearly correct. We discussed it and found some errors, but not serious ones. If Collier's editors had found errors one fourth as great in any statements I make, they would write a vicious editorial on them.

My good friend William Hillman has been editing and making a continuity of some of my personal diaries for publication in a book which will come out March 18, '52.

Mr. Hillman has been the foreign editor of Collier's. When they found that he was putting this book together, they discharged him! They told him that they thought that there is nothing good about me and Bill had no business to help me get the truth to the people of the United States. That is "Free Press" in reverse! They will be sorry for that attitude because the good people of this great Republic do not like a below the belt approach to anything.

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