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Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966; Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953; McCarthy, Joseph, 1908-1957.; Ellender, Allen Joseph, 1890-1972; Long, Huey Pierce, 1893-1935; Eastland, James O. (James Oliver), 1904-1986.; Fulbright, J. William (James William), 1905-1995; Cox, E
International relations; Foreign aid; Legislators

Longhand Note President Harry S. Truman, November 30, 1950. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

November 30, 1950

A most trying and hectic week. The last session of the 81st Congress has been in session for a few days and it looks as if there are more morons than patriots in it. My "friend" Harry Byrd says he has the professional southerners lined up against Yugoslav Aid. Wonder if he'd like being branded Stalin's No. 2 helper in the Senate. McCarthy of Wisconsin is No. 1. Ellender, a leftover of the Hughie Long regime in Louisiana, and Jim Eastland, a Dixiecrat from Mississippi, have decided against Statehood for Alaska and Hawaii-color and power!

Fulbright from Arkansas, an Oxford man, wants the R.F.C. handicapped and Gene Cox of Georgia wants to restore the power of the Rules Committee in the House to throttle legislation. I suppose that Presidents in the past have had hostile Congresses-but they were frankly of the opposition. This one-the 81st-happens to be of my own party on the surface. But the majority is made up of Republicans and recalcitrant Southern "Democrats"-who are not Democrats. So I get the responsibility and the blame.

There are liars, trimmers and pussyfooters on both sides of the aisle in the Senate and the House. I'm sorry. I wish I had straight out opposition and loyal support. I guess it is too much to ask for!

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