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Allen, George E. (George Edward), 1896-1973; McKim, Edward D., 1895-1969; Early, Stephen T. (Stephen Tyree), 1889-1951; Snyder, John W. (John Wesley), 1895-1985; Vaughan, Harry H., 1893-1981; Vardaman, James K. (James Kimble), 1894-1972; Minton, Sherman,
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Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, May 30, 1945. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

Took a day off Memorial Day (May 30) and went down the Potomac on the "Potomac." Coming back we met another "Potomac" going to Mr. Vernon-loaded to the guards with sight seeing soldiers and sailors, their sweeties and their mammas. The soldiers mamma not the sweeties.

Had Steve Early, George Allen, Ed McKim, John Snyder, Harry Vaughan, J.K. Vardaman, Russell Stewart of Chicago Times and Shay Minton along. Don't think I ever had a more pleasant holiday. Found out Minton was in town so I had the Secret Service round him up and bring him aboard. We had a grand time discussing old Senate days and planning future good times for the country. Wish Minton were physically fit I'd have him in the "family"-political family to help run the country.

We organized a low limit poker game and the wise cracks would make Bob Hope laugh. My sides are sore. We make George Allen a "whipping boy" most of the times-and can he take it.

Think I'll organize a road show out of this gang after I'm out of the White House and I won't have to go to the Soldiers Home to retire.

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