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Vandenberg, Arthur H. (Arthur Hendrick), 1884-1951; Stalin, Joseph, 1879-1953; Tito, Josip Broz, 1892-1980; Taft, Robert A. (Robert Alphonso), 1889-1953.
Newspapers; United States-Soviet relations; International relations; Truman Doctrine; Legislators

Longhand Note of President Harry S. Truman, May 15, 1952. President's Secretary's Files - Longhand Notes.

May 15, 1952

Just had a note and an editorial from a Wyoming Republican paper at Casper. One of my neighbors in Independence had written the editor a letter asking him why he didn't present both sides in his so-called independent Republican sheet. That letter caused him to write an editorial which is a confession.

He is against a bipartisan foreign policy! He hates Trumanism. Everyone of good sense knows that the greatest Republic in history must have a continuing and a firm foreign policy. Even Vandenberg was converted to that theory. Only Taft and the old time isolationists are against that sort of foreign policy.

Let us define Trumanism.

One, we have found by hard earned experience that the Soviets respect only force. So we have built up our armed forces. We have saved Greece, Turkey, Italy, France from invasion by Russia.

Two, we have held the economic front in balance at home. The farmer, the laboring man, white collar workers, industry and industry management are in the midst of the most prosperous era in the history of the world.

Three, the public interest comes first in the mind of the present occupant of the White House.

Four, we prevented Tito from taking Trieste right after the German foldup, we forced Stalin out of Iran, we saved Greece and Turkey, we stayed in Berlin, and we knocked the socks off the communists in Korea, we gave the Philippines free government, we gave Puerto Rico its first native Governor, we gave that beautiful island a constitution and home rule, we appointed the first native governor of the Virgin Islands. If that's Trumanism, I confess judgment and I'm proud to have my name attached to that program by the lousy, unfair, controlled press even if that controlled press tries to make me look like a dub!