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Berry, Lucien Grant, 1863-1937; Marks, Ted, b. 1882

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, February 26, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

[February 26, 1918]

Dear Bess: Your two letters came yesterday and made me feel real good because yesterday was the meanest day we've had since last October. The dust was so thick you could hardly breath. We had a Brigade Review. The men had to pitch shelter tents and make their blankets down in all the dust while the Division Commander and Inspector General looked on to see if they could. It was some Review. I never saw so much Artillery all together in my life. Things went off nicely in spite of the weather. This morning is a real spring day. The Battery is on guard and I don't have to work much. Since I turned the Exchange over I don't have a whole lot to do at night except study. I am rather at sea to know what to do with the evening from 10 o'clock to midnight so I've been going to bed. We had to get up at 4 o'clock yesterday in order to be in line at 7:30. We get up at 6:15 on regular days. The overseas detachment is having special drills every day now and I have an idea that they will be pulling out of here very soon. You never can tell though because we thought the same way last month. I wrote Mr. Booth the meanest letter I ever wrote a banker and he agreed to renew my note. I was in a wrathy mood that day and I wrote one to Morgan & Co that rather got sent to them and they came across in a handsome manner. I guess it pays to be mean sometimes. I am going to have a ripping disposition I'm afraid when the war is over.

The General told Lt. Marks last night that he passed. That gives me hope for he didn't answer any more questions than I did. I do wish I could step in and see you now. I'll bet you are sure lonesome with everyone gone to Platte. I guess Webster really lost out I saw him in the Battery yesterday. They well me it was because of his size. Please write as often as you can and I'll do my level best to write real often. I'm glad you saw the vision of the two bars. It makes me feel like winning.

Yours always,


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