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Gates, Marvin H., 1876-1972; Arrowsmith, George M., 1886-1969

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, May 30, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

May 30, 1918

Dear Bess:

Decoration Day, a holiday and a grand one – got a letter from you postmarked April 1 from Independence and April 5 at Camp Doniphan. It evidently went all over the world and finally found me at this artillery school. It was your letter thanking me for the Easter violets. I am glad you got them and that they were all right. I was on the sea sure enough when you got them. I am sure you must have heard from me before this. You hoped in that letter that you would get my cable. I could not cable but I'd made other arrangements at New York which should have reached you a few days after we landed. I have also written every time I've had a minute to get a letter in.

You've no idea how much pleasure a letter from you can give. I am the envy of every officer in the school who didn't get a letter and there were only about four. We can't understand what has become of our letters. I suppose they must have gone wherever the division is. I hope to get an armful whenever they arrive. Oh won't it be a grand day when they all arrive. If one can put me into the seventh heaven what do you suppose seven or eight or a dozen will do. I'll probably be so happy I'll simply float away.

Wouldn't it be one grand glorious feeling to get into Lizzie and take a ride over the country to Atherton and have a picnic as we did on several holidays I can remember.

I am glad you got to see Oh! Boy. I tried to see it in New York and couldn't get in.

We had a regular field meet today in the Chateau Park. Major Gates and Major Rutlege tied themselves together and ran in the three legged race. For a wonder they didn't fall down. They had relay races and two baseball games. The student officers ran a relay race against the teacher officers and beat 'em to death. They had it all primed against us too to run in a couple of ex college runners and we went them one better and ran in three. I was an interested spectator in all their games.

We hope to be with our organizations in about ten days, and you've no idea how glad we'll be. Please keep up that three a week because it will make life worth living for another sixty days when they come. I appreciate Mrs. MacDonald's inquiring about me. I told Geo Arrowsmith his girl is wearing a pretty ring and he blushed like a school girl. I saw the ring before she got it and it is mighty pretty.

I wish I could see you tonight.

Yours always,


Harry Truman 1st Lt 129th F.A. American E.F. Via New York

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