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Gates, Marvin H., 1876-1972; Truman, Mary Jane, 1889-1978; Wallace, Madge Gates, 1862-1952

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, March 21, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

En route to East Coast Mar, 21, 1918

Dear Bess:

We are rolling along through Iowa at Washington now. I think I shall mail this at Rock Island, Ill. That is where we are going to eat supper. They have been kidding me pretty strong today because I called you out of bed to the phone. Major Gates said he expected to see in the society column where you were engaged to someone else because of it. I told him not to worry his head about that. It was not a very pleasant thing from your point of view I don't suppose to be called out at that unearthly hour, but it gave me lots of pleasure to hear your voice once more even if it was only over the phone. Besides it may be a whole year or more before I'm in Kansas City again and if it had been two o'clock instead of five I'd have done it. I am sorry to have disturbed your mother but I hope she'll forgive me this time. There is only one chance that I won't go to France and that is a strict eye test at the post of embarkation. I guess I'll get by though. We only stayed in K.C. about twenty minutes and I spent fifteen of that hunting a phone. I do wish I could have seen you. I suppose Mary will have a fit when she finds I was in town and didn't call up. There were no Home phones in a mile. We were over in Armourdale in the Rock Island yards and one Bell phone in the yardmaster's office. I am terribly thankful it was there and that it was a Bell. Be sure to write me at Camp Merritt, 129th F.A. Detachment, 35th Division.

Yours always, Harry

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