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Elliot, Arthur J., born 1882; Klemm, Karl D., b. 1880; Berry, Lucien Grant, 1863-1937

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, March 19, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

Lawton, Okla. Mar. 17, 1918

Dear Bess:

Your fine long letter came last night and I was sure glad to get it. One also came this morning which you had written at the employment bureau. It is surely a good thing that bureau if you have given all those people employment. You should keep it open for returned soldiers after the war. I know that expects you to get him a job. I fear there is no chance of a leave because more rumors are floating around about the oversea leaving.

The Irish are having a big time today. It is a grand day for it too. If this brand of weather were usual here we could almost be happy. The Irish Bty, "D," gave a banquet last night and from what I hear they had a grand time. I went to Lawton with Col. Klemm and Col Elliott to see Col Klemm get his 3rd degree. That makes two Cols of this regiment I have helped over the square and compass goat and it doesn't seem to have made them dislike me either. Our new major commander isn't so worse after all. He sat on General Berry the other day, and I am for him strong. The general told him to examine some second lieutenants for firsts. He asked the general if he expected them to know as much as a regular army first lieutenant. General said yes. Major Waring said, "All right I vote no on every one of 'em. I can't waste my time on a bunch of cockeyed lieutenants that are not professionals so I'll just kill 'em now." General then told him to fix up any kind of exam he saw fit. So he fixed one they could pass. I understand now that our promotions are indefinitely held up because there are no vacancies. I am glad for I'd rather go to Europe a lieutenant than a captain on this special detail. I can't plead guilty to having taken anyone horseback riding last Sunday but my orderly. He and I rode about twenty miles out to a copper mine and to Medicine Park. The mine looked like the one I already own so it wasn't very enticing. I hear indirectly that Morgan and company has a gusher camouflaged in Texas and is trying to lease the whole northeast corner of the state. I hope so. I'd like to be a millionaire a few days before I go to Europe so I'd be used to it when I come back. I sure appreciate your letters and I'm crazy to see the box. Will write immediately it arrives. This is my last sheet. Next time you'll get scratch paper.

Yours always, Harry

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