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Lee, Jay M., 1873-1945; Bundschu, Charles C., 1890-1973; Truman, Martha Ellen, 1852-1947; Miles, John L., 1878-1961

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, January 18, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

[January 18, 1918]

Dear Bess:

You letter came yesterday and I was very glad to hear that mine had arrived at last. As I told you I am rather stuck up over the fact that you wired although I'm mighty sorry to have caused you worry.

The wristlets came today and are as fine as can be. They are the right color, they fit exactly and are heavier than Mr. Lee's. I appreciate the inside address on the box but I fear it will be some time before I become general. We are working almost night and day to perfect our regiment. The Col. says that in order to win we've got to have a better army than the best army in the world. The men all seem to be working to that end. We've got to win at whatever cost. They are weeding out incompetent officers and men I may get sent home yet you never can tell.

I am very much pleased that Bundschu should say so many good things about me. He has always been might nice to me down here and I have tried to treat him the same way. He is a very competent supply officer. Maj. Miles is not a Lt. Col. I suppose someone heard that he is second in command in the regiment and just naturally thought he was Lt. Col. and Maj. Miles being the senior major is second in command naturally. He is a fine officer.

I have been so busy I don't have time to get homesick but I wish I could see you. You can't imagine how badly I wish it. But it can't be done now. When the war's over we'll make up for time lost. Remember it has to be won and someone has to do it. I am sure you wouldn't have me be a slacker much as you'd like me to be at home. I know that's how mamma feels although she sure hates to see me go. If I get a kick out for incompetence then I'll know I've tried anyway and I can stay at home with a clear conscience. (I'd rather be shot though). Yesterday was a grand day – you letter came and it also was one to make me feel all stuck up. Send one as often as you can. The days are grand days when one arrives.

Yours always,


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