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Berry, Lucien Grant, 1863-1937; Truman, Martha Ellen, 1852-1947; Truman, Mary Jane, 1889-1978

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, January 15, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

[January 15, 1918]

Dear Bess:

I have your telegram today and I hope you have my two. I wouldn't cause you any worry for the world. It sure makes a fellow feel like he is someone to have the nicest girl in the world telegraphing to see if he is on his pins or not. I have been the busiest mortal on the reservation since returning. They closed the canteen on the 10th and forced us to take an invoice right away and then opened up again. I had an awful time proving up because my Jew was in Kansas City. In addition to that I have had the Battery office to straighten out and the Battery mess to run. I have also had to attend drills morning and afternoon and go to school at night. General Berry told us yesterday that we would have to learn the drill regulations by heart and do several other impossible stunts. If it my opinion that an elimination process is taking place preparatory to our going aboard. I mentioned in my wire that I would probably write you from an eastern port soon. You can put your own construction on it because we can't write about some arrangements that are taking place here. I am very lucky I think. You probably won't think so. Besides I may get a physical and get sent home. I'd very nearly croak if I do as badly as I would like to be home. You certainly have a letter from me by this time. I think the mail service is disabled on account of the storms. We had the most terrific blizzard I ever saw. Couldn't see your hand before you. The snow blew just like sand does in summer.

I am going to the better about writing from this out and when I can't write I'll wire you a night letter. I am looking for a letter today. I haven't written mamma and Mary since I came down. Please forgive me this time.

Yours always,


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