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Danford, Robert M., 1879-1974; Truman, Mary Jane, 1889-1978; Berry, Lucien Grant, 1863-1937; Marks, Ted, b. 1882

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, March 17, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

Lawton, Okla. [Mar. 17, 1918]

Dear Bess:

Your good letter came today. I also got one yesterday and I am feeling real mean because I didn't write yesterday nor the day before. I suppose you will have to spend the rest of your life taking the conceit out of me. Mary is fully convinced that I am overloaded with it, although I never thought so. I am glad you enclosed Col. Danford's picture and the clipping. The picture looks very much like him. I am glad he had his hat off for he's a lot better looking without it. He always insisted on wearing it like a Rube. You show everybody has some awful habit like that and won't listen to reason on the subject. We have Major Waring in command. He was formerly with 130th F.A. is a West Pointer and seems to be acquainted with Artillery. I don't much care for his personal appearance. He's a little nut with a hatchet face and a supremely nervous bearing. They say he shoots off at the big guns and those high in authority same as he does to the little fish. I know he stands very well with General Berry and Gen. Wright. It seems that they are never going to tell us whether we passed our exams or not, which convinces me that we didn't. I would rather be a second lieut than anything and next to that a first Lt. only I hate to fail on an examination. I have had such a cold ever since that one that I reckon the next one will kill me. I'd rather be shot too.

I am very glad you are holding up for F Bty because it is the best one on the row. C Bty never even got mentioned until Ted Marks took hold of it and put some life and pep into it. C deserves all its honorable mention when it gets any to Mark and Slagle. They have sure made a Battery out of it. That's because they weren't kin to anyone and when a fellow made good on merit he got promoted and when he didn't he got busted. All the Batteries are good but if there is any best of course it's F. The oversea is still silent on leaving. I hope I get to see that new suit. Please write as often as you can to

Yours always Harry.