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Pauley, Edwin W. (Edwin Wendell), 1903-1981; Hayden, Carl Trumbull, 1877-1972; Housholder, Vic H., 1892-1971; Mrs. Finch; Wallace, Madge Gates, 1862-1952; Truman, Margaret (Mary Margaret), 1924-2008; Swoyer, Martha Ann, 1919-2008
Clothing and dress; Voyages and travels; Hotels

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess W. Truman, April 6, 1944. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers.

Westward Ho Phoenix, Ariz. Apr. 6, 1944

Dear Bess:

While I'm waiting for a call to you to get through I'll put you up to date on my movements. I tried again to call Mrs. Van Cott and got no response but I sent her word I'd tried. As I told you he is R.F.C. attorney and should have come to the meeting but didn't.

Left Salt Lake at 8:15 A.M. today and was in Los Angeles at 12:05 a little less than 4 hrs. It took 171/2 on the streamliner. Then it took me just two hours to come here. Had left my dirty shirts at the Ambassador and Pauley's office had agreed to deliver them to me at the airport. Well they were delivered and the charge was $4.50 for six shirts and I'll have to pay the laundry bill besides! Been better to throw 'em away and start new. "Wat [sic] a life." Sen. Hayden, Vic Householder and the National Committeeman met me along with the usual newsmen. But Hayden was kind to me. Brought me to the Hotel and let me rest. Got here about 3 o'clock took a bath and a sunbath! They gave me the Pent House way up above the town, with a sun porch and a cot for the sunning. Called up Mrs. Finch and talked to her for 10 minutes. She was very much pleased and said she'd love to have that letter but didn't believe she'd ever get it. She wanted to be remembered to your mother, asked all about Margie, said her eldest was home on leave for 4 days and she couldn't come down. That they were all well etc. etc. Had a nice meeting here and Martha Ann came down and had dinner with me and Hayden and the dignitaries. She teaches at a little town 20 miles east. She had a day off and was going to the Grand Canyon.

Loads of love. Harry.