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Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, February 7, 1918. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers - Family Correspondence File.

Lee-Huckins Hotel Oklahoma City Feb. 7, 1918

Dear Bess:

I am back at the Lee-Huckins after a grand vacation at Guthrie. I tried to get myself to write every day while I was there but the Guthrie citizens wouldn't let me. They kept us going from 8:00 A.M. until midnight.

I stayed at the home of Governor Haskell's daughter, Mrs. Neblack. She is a grand woman and he is a fine man. She entertained us royally, taking us driving in her Hudson lim, introducing us to all the girls in town and doing her level best to see that we had an enjoyable time. We did. I looked every day for a letter or a wire but none came. I am hoping there'll be one when I get back to camp.

They put on all the Scottish Rite in as grand a form as I ever saw it from beginning to end. The Temple is fine and well arranged. They have a pipe organ and an organist that can play as well as Krieser I think.

They fed us three meals a day that would make Hoover blow up if he'd see them, and at the end they gave a dance, last night, and would let no one but soldiers dance. Then's when I wished I was a dancer. There were girls from Norman, Tulsa, and all-around pretty girls, fat girls, tall ones, and short ones-and they were all doing their best to see that every soldier had every dance that went. I tried my luck at a one-step with my hostess and with Lieutenant Rainey's wife. They were both very kind to me and pretended that it didn't hurt when I stepped on their toes. Mrs. Neblack was all lit up in an evening gown as were most of the girls. The citizens had on soup and fish, and from every standpoint it was a grand occasion. I sat out most of the dances with some of the good old married sisters and the best-looking unmarried ones I could. We left at twelve o'clock last night and I don't know what Mr. Neblack's initials are and I suppose it's up to me to find out some way and write him a letter of appreciation.

And now it's back to slavery of the worst sort, but I guess we can do it better now.

The boat that sank today I am informed is the one we'd have gone to England on if we'd got off on our special detail. I don't believe it though because we couldn't have made it to New York in time to get on it. Anyway the one I go on isn't going to sink. I do wish I could see you. Every girl I met last night I tried to think looked like you if she was nice, only none of them could be as good looking. There's only one best-looking girl in the world to every man. You're that to me. Write as often as you can for I sure appreciate only a line.

Most sincerely, Harry

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