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Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess W. Truman, June 7, 1945. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers.

The White House June 7, 1945

Dear Bess:

I didn't get to phone you last night. I lost the phone number you gave me by putting it where I could find it. Whenever I do that with an important paper or memo it is as effectually lost as if it had never existed. But I wrote you a letter--and I haven't received one. You can't claim to be "busier" than I am either.

Yesterday was a hectic day. Had both good news and bad. Stalin agreed to our interpretation of the veto at San Francisco and a reconsideration of the Polish question, but we lost the election in Montana and the Republicans are jubilant over it.

Davies came to see me again and told me some more about Winnie. Had a session with Hannegan. He thinks Biddle, one of your right-side-of-the-tracks boys who acts as if he came from the other side, would make a good Librarian of Congress. I doubt if Congress would think so. But it has possibilities as appeasement for the crackpots.

The Colonel and Mrs. Boettiger came to tell me goodbye at four o'clock. They brought the boy along and he was as lively as he could be. Took a look in his room to see if any toys were overlooked. I had a nice visit with them. She is a charming person and certainly has brains.

I had to make some picture reels at 2:30 on my recent war message. It was supposed to take 30 minutes and it took an hour and thirty. They showed me pictures of you trying to break that champagne bottle on the plane. They are very good. They caught the navy with the hammer red handed.

I'm having Reathal send you some clippings from the Star, Times-Herald and N.Y. Herald-Tribune, about your home coming and Mike. Tell Margie I haven't seen that letter and remember that, yourself, too.

Lots of love, Harry

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