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Records of the Jackson County Recorder
Chiles Family

Warranty Deed from Henry C. Chiles and Julia P. Chiles to F. M. Marble, August 19, 1882    (3 pages)
Chattel Mortgage from James Freeman to S. H. Chiles and S. W. Hudson, June 10, 1885    (4 pages)
Trust Deed from Joel F. Chiles and Lutie T. Chiles to John A. Sea and Hamit R. Stayton, September 11, 1885    (4 pages)
Chattel Mortgage from J. T. McFarland to Joel F. Chiles, September 1, 1888    (2 pages)
Warranty Deed from Caldwell Chiles to Joseph H. Hock and Charles C. Hock, March 6, 1889    (2 pages)
Chattel Mortgage from Jesse C. Lasister to Joel F. Chiles, June 6, 1889    (2 pages)
Warranty Deed from Henry C. Chiles and Julia P. Chiles to Ann S. Anderson, August 9, 1889    (2 pages)
Trust Deed from Ann S. Anderson to John W. Clements and Henry C. Chiles, September 27, 1889    (4 pages)
Quit-Claim Deed from Thomas B. Webb and Melissa Webb to Caldwell Chiles, January 16, 1896    (2 pages)
Trust Deed from Ellen Cox and John Cox to John G. Paxton and Samuel H. Chiles, March 11, 1896    (4 pages)
Quit-Claim Deed from Anna M. Chiles and Cornelius C. Chiles to James A. Powett, March 28, 1896    (2 pages)
Warranty Deed from Charles L. Harris and Laura J. Harris to Caldwell Chiles, July 15, 1896    (2 pages)
Notice of Suit Between Cornelius C. Chiles and Emily Edrington, George Clark, and John G. Paxton, January 8, 1897    (2 pages)
Affidavit of Henry C. Chiles, March 29, 1904    (2 pages)
Affidavit of Samuel H. Chiles, March 18, 1905    (3 pages)
Quit-Claim Deed from C. C. Field and W. W. Field to C. C. Chiles, November 25, 1905    (2 pages)
Power of Attorney of Mary J. Chiles, March 7, 1906    (2 pages)
Judgement and Decree of Cornelius C. Chiles, June 28, 1911    (3 pages)
Affidavit of C. C. Chiles, August 24, 1911    (2 pages)
Certified Copy of Order of Probate Court, June 17, 1912    (4 pages)
Trustees Deed from Mary L. McMillin and John H. McMillin to Samuel H. Chiles, June 29, 1912    (3 pages)
Affidavit of H. C. Chiles, March 5, 1914    (2 pages)
General Warranty Deed from Orville Campbell and Ruby Campbell to Henry P. Chiles and Virgie R. Chiles, September 15, 1919    (2 pages)
Land Patent of Samuel Chiles, December 8, 1919    (3 pages)
Warranty Deed from Carl B. Chiles to Henry Chelsea Chiles, December 8, 1919    (2 pages)
General Warranty Deed from Oscar Boten and Sallie C. Boten to Cornelius C. Chiles, December 17, 1920    (2 pages)
Affidavit of Cestui Que Trust of Samuel H. Chiles, November 10, 1924    (2 pages)
Affidavit of Cestui Que Trust of Neal Chiles, November 10, 1924    (2 pages)
Land Patent of James Chiles, September 16, 1927    (2 pages)
Land Patent of Samuel Chiles, October 15, 1927    (2 pages)
Commissioner's Deed from Henry P. Chiles to George Thomas Twyman, June 15, 1929    (3 pages)
Sheriff's Deed from Janie Chiles to Margaret Chiles, June 19, 1929    (5 pages)
Affidavit of Anna A. Perrin, July 18, 1929    (4 pages)
Executor's Deed of the Estate of Mary Jane Chiles to P. C. Chiles and Olive Chiles, December 23, 1930    (3 pages)
Administratrix's Deed of Margaret Chiles, December 11, 1933    (3 pages)
Land Deed of Charles A. Calloway and Theresa C. Calloway, March 16, 1940    (2 pages)
Warranty Deed from M. P. Chiles, Jr. and Sue Adair Chiles to Morton P. Chiles and Lulia Chiles, October 18, 1940    (2 pages)
Candidate's Affidavit of Haydin M. Chiles, November 23, 1940    (2 pages)
Commission of Truston W. Kirby, December 20, 1940    (2 pages)
Warranty Deed from Mary B. Chiles and Henry C. Chiles to Frank Morgan Mayfield, July 15, 1944    (2 pages)
Affidavit of Mary B. Chiles, July 15, 1944    (2 pages)
Quit-Claim Deed from Asubah Chiles to Jean Tate Chiles, August 24, 1948    (2 pages)
Release of Trust Deed between Azubah Chiles and Walter E. Williams, July 21, 1964    (2 pages)
Release of Deed of Trust to Frank P. Chiles and Virginia L. Chiles, September 20, 1966    (2 pages)