Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Letter from Katherine Fite to Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Fite, November 20, 1945. K. Lincoln Papers, War Crimes File. (Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum & Library)

Nuremberg, Nov. 20

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Just a hasty note to warn you never to address me as Major. It would be highly improper - it's just assimilated rank - for billeting, etc., privileges. And the army despises assimilated rank. Moreover, they say assimilated rank has been abolished. Your letter of today made me panicky. In re one of your letters, I am sure I am not a veteran.

I was sorry to hear of your brother's death. He seems very remote to me but I suppose anything that stirs up childhood associations is sad.

The AP and UP have such an advantage with wire service. Tomorrow you will read of the opening day of the court. My account will be at least 10 days old. I didn't even expect to get in - but our Section Chief rotated his seat next to the American prosecution table - so I sat for half an hour right down in the arena. (We will sit right at the table when our baby - the Cabinet - is up. Not sure how soon that will be). The actual session was dull enough - with the prosecutors reading the indictment by hours. (I explained to you, I think, about earphones and simultaneous translations). The judges wear black robes - the French with bibs. The British do not wear wigs. The Russians wear army uniforms. The flags of the four countries are over the bench - each in its appropriate place. The German defense counsel is in black robes - one in a purple robe. And the defendants! There they all are in the box - a seedy looking lot. Goering in a light gray uniform - putting on a very debonair act, leaning over chatting with his counsel, then turning and laughing with Roeder behind him. Hess stares vacantly into space. My friend Frick looks pretty evil but calmer than yesterday. I saw him watching me. He probably hates me and my prying ways. Ribbentrop looks like a sick cat - it hurts his vanity.

Are you keeping warm? Do you need more of Mrs. (maids) time?

Must to bed. I love you both.


Can you find out Serena's Washington address? I don't have it and distrust writing her at College Ave. By any chance do you have Mary Gray's?