Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Letter from Katherine Fite to Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Fite, November 3, 1945. K. Lincoln Papers, War Crimes File. (Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum & Library)

Nuremberg, Nov. 3.

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

A hasty note to say that State wired back that I can stay for duration of trial - or until Jackson no longer required my services. Answer came quickly - wire went Sat. P.M. - back Wed. A.M. Can't make up my mind whether that is Byrnes or Hackworth.

We are in a wild rush with briefs due a week from tomorrow so I might not write Sunday. I don't see how we can be ready the 20th. I understand the British are insistent - but they have a small easy part of the case. They say the British say - come hell or high-water - trial by the 20th. So it's hell now and high-water later. I think it's a shame if just two weeks could make a better case. We are carrying the mammoth share.

Yesterday peeked out a window (strong verboten) and watched a half dozen of our guests taking their exercise in the jail yard - not allowed to speak to each other. They pace around the walks - some 20 feet apart. Goering with raincoat like a circus tent billowing out behind him - Keitel almost goose-stepping - Seys-Inquart limping and Hess, manacled to an MP - because he's nuts or pretends to be, I suppose.

The Stars and Stripes said that in October no mail going west went by air for a while, so that's probably why you hadn't gotten my Oct. 1st letter. Had one from you Oct. 14 - next Oct. 21 (the latest) so I judge one is missing. All mail is very slow now and only coming through in trickles. Don't know where bottleneck is.

Sent a check to Pro-Car for garage - that is through to Feb. 15th. I wired them before I heard from State I would not want room before Dec. 15th. Wrote tonight not before Feb. 1. If rent was due to write you.

After trial starts will have some idea how long I want to stay.

All my love,