Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Letter from Katherine Fite to Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Fite, ca. July 1945. K. Lincoln Papers, War Crimes File. (Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum & Library)

c/o Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel
APO 413
c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Dearest Ma and Pa,

In a way, it's a pity I didn't write the first day or two after I arrived in London - because impressions are much sharper then, tho probably a little out of proportion. I am sorry I didn't get a cable off Sat. night. I was too tired to take it down to the hotel desk and Sunday everything was all closed up & I didn't get out and across to a P.O. until mid afternoon when I thriftily sent a night letter. They had told me in Prestwick a cable would go more quickly from London - I think they were wrong & am sorry I listened to them.

Before I forget it - postage rates are $.06 for me - i.e. going west & $.06 or $.08 coming east. The authorities differ on the latter point. Wattie says Serena's letters have come both ways. In any case - no $.30 is necessary.

I am at the Cumberland Hotel, "billeted" by the Army. I have a single room - private bath - & tub as big as a swimming pool - and plenty of hot water, so I didn't need to worry re roughing it. My first night in London was the last night before the street lights went on - so tho there were window lights & auto lights I saw the chasms of blackness from my window. So far I have seen many bombed out houses & groups of houses - but no whole blocks. I suppose that's further east & south. They are busy taking down barbed wire. I eat at the famous "Willow Run" mess - an army cafeteria where there is no choice - you hold up a tray with grooves in it & they put the food in & take away your card if you don't eat up everything. Price 3s 9d per day or $.75. I enjoy most the butter which I hesitate to mention. The army is a remarkably efficient, paternal organization.

Justice J. has been grand - takes me right into high quarters & introduces me to everyone. The Embassy people are nice. Ran in to Wattie at breakfast & had dinner with him & went for a walk in Hyde Park. The hotel is at the Marble Arch. So far I have seen only the fashionable West End of London & the Whitehall - Westminster area. As a city, it has more charm than I remembered. People at the office are having trouble with mail. We will see how APO 413 works. You might try one letter thro State.

I worry lest you & daddy were physically worn out with your trip. Do take care & keep yourself in good health.

All my love,


This is a fascinating experience.