Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Naval Aide File
Volume XI - Miscellaneous Papers: Southeastern Europe

File Unit List - Miscellaneous Papers: Southeastern Europe, ca. 1945    (1 page)
Memorandum, Revised Allied Control Commission Procedure in Rumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, with Attachment, ca. 1945    (2 pages)
Memorandum, Implementation of the Yalta Declaration on Liberated Europe, ca. 1945    (1 page)
Memorandum, Obligations of the Yalta Declaration, ca. 1945    (1 page)
Memorandum, Admission to the United Nations, ca. 1945    (2 pages)
Memorandum, Yugoslavia, July 19, 1945    (1 page)
Memorandum, The Removal as Booty of Allied Industrial Equipment Especially in Roumania, July 19, 1945    (1 page)