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Naval Aide File
Volume XI - Miscellaneous Papers: Poland

File Unit List - Miscellaneous Papers: Poland, ca. 1945    (1 page)
Handwritten Note Regarding Polish Boundary Decision, ca. 1945    (1 page)
Memorandum, The Statement of the Heads of the Three Governments on the Polish Question, ca. 1945    (2 pages)
Memorandum, On the Question of Western Frontier of Poland, July 20, 1945    (1 page)
Memorandum, Summary of the Views Expressed by the Polish Delegation to the Meeting of Foreign Ministers on the Subject of Poland's Western Frontiers, July 24, 1945    (2 pages)
Memorandum, Western Frontier of Poland: U.S. Proposal, July 30, 1945    (1 page)