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Naval Aide File
Volume VIII - Minutes of Meetings between Foreign Ministers [11 of 12] Meeting Between Byrnes and Molotov and of the Tenth Meeting, July 28, 1945

File Unit List - Minutes of a Meeting of Mr. Byrnes and Mr. Molotov and Minutes of the Tenth Meeting of Foreign Ministers, July 28, 1945    (1 page)
Minutes of the Meeting of Foreign Ministers in Berlin, July 30, 1945    (20 pages)
Minutes of Conversation Between Secretary of State James Byrnes and Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov, July 30, 1945    (5 pages)
United States Proposal on German Reparations and Soviet Proposals on the Ruhr Industrial District, Reparations from Italy and Austria, and the Trial of Principal War Criminals, July 30, 1945    (5 pages)
United States Proposal Concerning the Western Frontier of Poland and Admission to the United Nations, July 30, 1945    (3 pages)