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Naval Aide File
Volume VII - Minutes of Meetings of Heads of Government [11 of 16] Tenth Meeting, July 28, 1945, 10:30 p.m.

Translation of Statement of Peoples' Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, V. M. Molotov, Concerning the Meeting of the Three Ministers on July 25, 1945, July 25, 1945    (2 pages)
Statement of V. M. Molotov to the Heads of the Three Governments Concerning the Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, July 27, 1945, July 27, 1945    (7 pages)
File Unit List - Minutes of the Tenth Meeting of the Heads of Government, July 28, 1945    (1 page)
Minutes of the Meeting of Heads of Government in Berlin, July 28, 1945    (10 pages)