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The Development of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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Oral Histories

Theodore C. Achilles, Director, Office of Western European Affairs, Department of State, 1947; U.S. Vice Deputy, North Atlantic Council, London, 1950; Minister, U.S. Embassy in Paris, France 1952.

John D. Hickerson, Director, Office of European Affairs, Department of State, 1947-49; Assistant Secretary of State for U.N. Affairs, 1949-53.

Milton Katz, U.S. Special Representative in Europe with rank of Ambassador, 1950-51.

Perry Laukhuff, Foreign Service officer; Secretary of Mission, U.S. political adviser for Germany, Berlin, 1945-49; Director, Office of German Political Affairs, Department of State, 1949-52; Special Assistant to the Director, Bureau of German Affairs, Department of State, 1952.

Edwin McCammon Martin, Deputy Director, Office of International Trade Policy, 1948-49; Director, Office of European Regional Affairs, 1949-52; Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Mutual Security Affairs, 1952-53.

Clifford C. Matlock, Political adviser, European Coordinating Committee, London, 1949-50; political officer, U.S. delegation, North Atlantic Council, London, 1949-50; political officer and Director, Plans and Policy Staff, Office of U.S. Special Representative in Europe, 1952-53.

Frederick E. Nolting Jr., Department of State official, 1946-63; Assistant to Deputy Under Secretary of State, 1950-53.

John H. Ohly, Special Assistant to the Secretary of War, 1946; Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1947-49; Deputy Director, Mutual Defense Assistance Program, Department of State, 1949-50; Assistant Director, Office of International Security Affairs, Department of State, 1951; Special Assistant for Mutual Security Affairs in the Office of the Secretary of State, 1951-52.

Harold Stassen, Member, U.S. delegation, U.N. Conference on International Organization, San Francisco, 1945.

Francis O. Wilcox, Chief of Staff, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1947-55.