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Churchill, Winston, Sir, 1874-1965; Lovett, Robert A. (Robert Abercrombie), 1895-1986; Chapman, Oscar L. (Oscar Littleton), 1896-1978; McGrath, J. Howard (James Howard), 1903-1966; Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956; Snyder, John W. (John Wesley), 1895-198
Cabinet meetings

Cabinet Meeting Minutes, January 4, 1952. Matthew J. Connelly Papers - Notes on Cabinet Meetings II.


Friday, 11:00AM

Sawyer - Absent

COMMANDER --------------?

Briefed Cabinet on Korea.


Winston Churchill will arrive New York Quarantine 9:00 AM tomorrow. Meetings to be held with President on 5th - 7th - 8th of January. There has been a meeting in Paris of 6 Western Europe countries. It has been in some ways successful. The interesting points of the meeting were the cooperation of Germany, France and Italy. Adenauer the German representative was the leader and spark plug of the meeting. Warned Western Europe that unless Germany is not given a treaty in 1952 we will lose Germany to Soviet influence. Discussion was held as to whether there will be national armies or whether there will be a single army for Western Europe under NATO. National armies would require greater overhead - individual war offices and duplication of equipment and staff. Same question arose as to military budget for Western Europe - with same arguments pro and con as to who will be in control. It was argued that a Council should be set up consisting of members from each country. This presents a problem as an Administrative Council of 6 members would be handicapped in making decisions with possible 6 different points of view.


The proposed re-organization of Internal Revenue Bureau has been well received. If Congress approves believes that it will affect savings and better management.


At President' s direction have cut Defense budget request 11 billion dollars. Thinks President's view should be considered as right and proper. Services had asked too much and should have been cut down as their requests were unreal.


Asked if Defense is making plans to keep aircraft production more current after the present production is achieved. This was made apparent when it was brought out that it takes 36 months to build a big bomber.


Plans are now existing to try to level production after present build-up is accomplished. One of the greatest mistakes we could make would be one hundred per cent ready for war - our production must be kept in a fluid condition.


If we strive for too quick a military build up we will wreck our economy and thereby Russia would win the cold war.


It is vital right now to sell this argument to the Congress and the people.


There have been vicious attacks on 3 Cabinet officers. 1st Treasury, 2nd State and now Atty Gen. Wants Cabinet to know that McGrath is staying as long as he wishes.


Thanked President for his confidence.


We are facing serious problem in next year if we do not increase feed grain production. Unless we do we are going to have to cut livestock production. Food grains are also down. We are driving to get more production. The answer is more efficient farming and more fertilization to increase yield per acre. It is apparent now that the world's food supply is not keeping up with world's population.


Our Point 4 Program is the only answer to this problem.


Fertilizer production should be placed on strategic material basis if we are going to get production needed.


Is making study of fertilizer production with view to increase in national supply.


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