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Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972; Acheson, Dean, 1893-1971; Marshall, George C. (George Catlett), 1880-1959; Donaldson, Jesse M. (Jesse Monroe), 1885-1970; Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986; Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956; Chapman, Oscar L.
Cabinet meetings; Security classification (Government documents); Anglo-Iranian Oil Dispute, 1951-1954; Peace treaties

Cabinet Meeting Minutes, September 14, 1951. Matthew J. Connelly Papers - Notes on Cabinet Meetings II.


Snyder - Absent
Tobin - Absent
Foley for Treas.
Lovett attended first meeting as Secty of Defense


Briefed Cabinet on Korea.

also COL HOY.


Senate yesterday passed Defense appropriation bill. Amounts to about 59 billions - not 61 expected. Tax Bill should be ready for floor consideration Monday.

Paid tribute to General Marshall and applauded approval of Bob Lovett.

Congratulated President and Acheson for job done at Jap Treaty meeting in San Francisco.


The teamwork of Defense and State was responsible for the success of the Conference.

This week has had sessions with Schuman of P. M. France and Morrison P.M. of England on Western Europe and Middle East problems.

Have discussed new treaties with Austria and Italy following the new Japanese Treaty pattern.

Russia will oppose but will be in an embarrassing position.

Senator Graham was not successful in negotiation with Nehru in India.

Is going to Ottawa tomorrow to work out plans for European Army - in NATO Conference.


The military plan for 1953 is split wide open between the 3 services. They have been unable to agree up to now.


Congress in new rate bill has offset I.C.C. rate for Parcel Post which reduces revenues for Parcel Post from 100 million to 63 million. This is a blow to Department income. The bill as a whole is inequitable. Newspapers and publications are not required to pay their fair share.


Had good meeting in Venezuela on international oil problems.


Only hope for settlement of Iran oil question is a change in government in Iran. Present government is impossible to deal with.


C.I.A. asked Yale University to make a survey of information which is classified. They were not allowed to see such information but from newspapers and Congressional Record they found 90% of our restricted information is available to our enemies.


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