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McCarran, Pat, 1876-1954; Ferguson, Homer, 1889-1982; Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972; Lovett, Robert A. (Robert Abercrombie), 1895-1986; Wilson, Charles Edward, 1886-1972; Acheson, Dean, 1893-1971; Chapman, Oscar L. (Oscar Littleton), 1896-1978; Snyder, John
Cabinet meetings; Korean War, 1950-1953; Loyalty investigations; Governmental investigations; Anglo-Iranian Oil Dispute, 1951-1954

Cabinet Meeting Minutes, June 29, 1951. Matthew J. Connelly Papers - Notes on Cabinet Meetings II.


11:00 AM

Vice President - Absent
Tobin - Absent
Marshall - Absent
Steelman - Absent
Galvin for Labor
Lovett for Defense


Briefed Cabinet on Korea.


Have discussed with Ridgeway [Ridgway] Malik's peace proposal. Will press for action by conferences of Field Commanders of UN and No. Koreans.

Iran negotiations are going forward. Will bring to President proposal of U.S. to British and Iranians re oil situation. Nehru has told Iranians that they should ease up on demands on British.

Japan will turn over foreign assets to the International Red Cross.


Have started hearings on Tax Bill in Senate Finance Committee. It is pretty rough. Stressed need for Cabinet to support the Treasury program of taxes.


Manpower of Armed Svcs is now 3,271,000. Expenditures for April, May and June will be 4 billion dollars. Aircraft production is satisfactory. Tanks are in spotty condition. Light tanks are ahead of schedule. Medium tanks are lagging.


Individual right are being challenged in Senate by Sen. McCarran and Sen Watkins - and Sen Ferguson. Told Atty Gen to move in and protect the rights of Govt employees.


Due to Iran situation steps have been taken to supply our allies and step up domestic production of oil.


Expenditures now being made do not provide plant facilities for an all out mobilization. If we stop our production drive after Korean peace we are sunk. We should on the contrary provide millions of dollars to step up production.


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