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Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972; Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986; Lovett, Robert A. (Robert Abercrombie), 1895-1986; Anderson, Clinton Presba, 1895-1975; Krug, Julius A. (Julius Albert), 1907-1970; Brannan, Charles F. (Charles Franklin), 190
Cabinet meetings; Foreign aid; Agriculture and state; Farming; Price regulation

Cabinet Meeting Minutes, October 23, 1947. Matthew J. Connelly Papers - Notes on Cabinet Meetings II.


All present except Marshall
Plus Chas. Brannan


Asked Anderson to give farm program.


Said that Republicans will do nothing until after 1948 election. Asked Brannan to describe program.


Read notes on program.


In developing farm program we should strive for decentralization of industry to provide supplemental farmer income. Revolutions are born in industrial areas. Harriman, Lovett, Anderson set forth that we are facing a situation of increasing demand for food which shows that for a long time to come there will be a food shortage throughout the world.


We need an organization which will stimulate production of food in the world. F. A. O. is not doing the job.


Asked Harriman to outline his program.


Outlined function of various depts. of Commerce. Expansion of export controls is the most important element in the Dept of Commerce picture. It has been neglected because of a lack of funds and because of opposition of selfish business interests in this country.

Russia is not getting any shipments of petroleum products because they have failed to comply with U. S. demands for info re uses that products would be channeled into.

Scrap steel is the most critical item in impeding steel production. We are exporting none. We should take steps to import scrap.


Proposed that Congress should be asked for subsidy to get scrap into U. S. from war areas.


Raised possibility of taking over ships which are now tied up in American ports.


There is a world shortage of scrap - in England, Italy and other countries the situation is just as serious as it is in the U. S.

Civil Service is interested in individuals not in furtherance of departmental services. Wastes too much time resolving personnel problems.

Dept should have much more control of exports particularly with respect to machinery exports to Russia - about 1/10th of machinery has been exported to Soviets in the first quarter of this year.

2/3rds of Commerce budget goes to civil aviation.


Informed Cabinet that he will announce special session of Congress at 3:30 to 4:00 PM today.

Discussed food prices which have gone completely out of line. Inflationary pressures are increasing out of bounds.

Gave figures on what is required for European aid. The amount can only be achieved by Congressional appropriations.


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