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Oral Histories

William Edwards, Counselor, in charge of British Information Services, British Embassy in Washington, D.C., 1946-49.

Per Haekkerup, Journalist; Member of Parliament, Denmark, 1950.

Gunther Harkort, Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Economic Cooperation Administration.

W. Averell Harriman, Ambassador to Russia, 1943-46; Ambassador to Great Britain, 1946; Secretary of Commerce, 1946-48; Special Representative in Europe, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-50; Director, Mutual Security Agency, 1951-53.

Samuel P. Hayes, Chief, Special Economic and Technical Mission to Indonesia, 1951-52; Assistant Director for the Far East, Mutual Security Agency, 1952-53.

Paul G. Hoffman, Administrator, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-50.

Milton Katz, U.S. Special Representative in Europe with rank of Ambassador, 1950-51.

Charles P. Kindleberger, Chief, Division of German and Austrian Economic Affairs, Department of State, 1945-48.

Thorkil Kristensen, Minister of Finance, Denmark, 1945-47.

Halvard M. Lange, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway, 1946-65.

Frederick J. Lawton, Director, Bureau of the Budget, 1950-53.

George C. McGhee, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern, South Asian and African Affairs, 1949-51; Ambassador to Turkey, 1951-53.

Edward S. Mason, Economic consultant to the Department of State, 1946-47; chief economic adviser, U.S. delegation, Conference of Foreign Ministers (Moscow), 1947; Member, President's Materials Policy Commission, 1951-52.

Dr. Franco Mattei, Member, Committee for European Economic Cooperation, Italy.

David A. Morse, Assistant Secretary of Labor, 1945-47; Under Secretary of Labor, 1947-48; director-general, International Labor Office, 1948-70.

Charles S. Murphy, Administrative Assistant to the President, 1947-50; Special Counsel to the President, 1950-53.

Konrad Nordahl, Chairman, Federation of Labor Unions, Norway.

Giuseppe Pella, Prime Minister, Italy, 1953-54.

John S. Pesmazoglu, Director General, Ministry of Coordination in Charge of Planning Economic Development, Greece, 1951-55.

Edwin Noel Plowden, Chairman, Economic Planning Board, Great Britain, 1947-53.

Paul R. Porter, Deputy and later Chief, Mission for Economic Affairs, U.S. Embassy in London, United Kingdom, 1945-47; chief, U.S. delegation, Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, Switzerland, 1947-49; Chief, Economic Cooperation Administration Mission to Greece, 1949-50; Assistant Administrator, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1950-51; and Deputy U.S. Special Representative in Europe, Mutual Security Program, Paris, France, 1952-53.

James W. Riddleberger, Chief, Division of Central European Affairs, Department of State, 1944-47; Counselor, U.S. Embassy, and Chief, Political Section, American Military Government, Berlin, Germany, 1947-50; political adviser to the Economic Cooperation Administration, Paris, France, 1950-52; Director, Bureau of German Affairs, Department of State, 1952-53.

John W. Snyder, Secretary of the Treasury, 1946-53.

Dirk Stikker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands, 1948-52.

Knut Getz Wold, Chief, Marshall Plan Division, Ministry of Commerce, Norway, 1948-58.

Konrad Adenauer , Chancellor, Federal Republic of Germany, 1949-63.

Leland Barrows, Executive Assistant to the Special, Representative in Europe, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-53.

Gerard Bauer, Counsellor of Legation in Charge of Economic Affairs, Swiss Legation, Paris, 1945-51.

Anthony Bernaris, Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Economy, Greece.

Richard M. Bissell Jr. , Assistant asst. Administrator for program, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-51.

Sir Alexander Cairncross, Economic Advisor to Organization for European Economic Cooperation, 1949-50.

Theodore Christidis, General Secretary, Ministry of National Economy, 1946; Counsellor, 1948-50.

Baron Herve De Gruben, Director of Political Affairs, Belgium, 1945-53.

Dennis A. Fitzgerald, Director, Food and Agriculture Division, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-51.

Lincoln Gordon, Consultant in the U.S. Department of State working on the Marshall plan, 1947, and with the European Cooperation Administration, 1948.

Hubert F. Havlik, Chief, Payments Section and Trade and Payments Division, Office of Special Representative, Economic Cooperation Administration (later Mutual Security Administration and Foreign Operations Administration), Paris, 1948-54.

Dr. Shaw Livermore, staff of Economic Cooperation Administration, Paris and Washington, 1949-51.

Sir Roger Makins, Minister at British Embassy, Washington, 1945-47.

Robert Marjolin, Secretary General, Organization for European Economic Cooperation, 1948-55.

Roger Ockrent, Secretary General for Administration of the Marshall plan in Belgium, 1948-53.

Sir Eric Roll, Deputy Head, British Food Mission to North America, 1941-46.

Dr. Hans-Georg Sachs, Counselor of the Ministerial Department for the Marshall Plan, Federal Republic of Germany, 1949-52.

Baron Jean-Charles Snoy, Chairman of the Council of the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, 1948-50.

Dr. Gustav Adolf Sonnenhol, Information officer, Marshall Plan Ministry, Germany, 1949-54.

Benson E. L. Timmons III, Special Assistant to the Chief, Economic Cooperation Administration Mission to France, 1948-49; Deputy Chief, 1949-54.

E. H. van der Beugel, Secretary to the Dutch Delegation at the first Paris Conference on the Marshall Plan.

Alexander, Baron Von Susskind-Schwendi, Deputy chief, Mission to the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, Federal Republic of Germany, 1949-52.

Erik Von Sydow, Permanent Delegate and Head of the Swedish Mission to the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, 1949-1953.

Erling Wikborg, Member of Parliament, Norway, 1945-49.