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The Korean War and Its Origins

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Address on the situation in Korea, July 19, 1950. (22 seconds)

Harry S. Truman defining the meaning of "police force" in relation to the United Nations action in Korea. (21 seconds)

Harry S. Truman formal narration describing a meeting of advisers on the Korean situation. Truman discusses the Constitution's decree that the military is subordinate to civilian authority. (2 minutes, 33 seconds)

Harry S. Truman formal narration of how he first learned of the attack on South Korea by North Korea on June 24, 1950. (1 minute, eight seconds)

Harry S. Truman answers questions from soldiers at Fort Leavenworth, mostly about the Korean War. (8 minutes, 51 seconds)

Harry S. Truman discusses how he and General MacArthur fell out over the Chinese entry into the Korean War. (4 minutes, 29 seconds)

Radio Report to the American People on Korea and on U.S. Policy. April 11, 1951. (21 seconds)

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