Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

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Truman's Desk Inventory, 1950

The following items are found on the desk in the Oval Office Replica at the Truman Presidential Library, on the console table directly behind the desk, or on top of the television set:

Totem pole desk ornament
Desk pad (front side of desk)
Desk pad (back side of desk)
4-H paperweight
Ink pen w/ semi-spherical stand
Desk organizer, brown leather grain, tabs list various Cabinet officers
Desk organizer, brown leather grain, tabs list names of assistants
Brown leather desk set w/ 2 glass containers, pencil tray, and box
Black marble desk set w/ 2 pens (dated April 12, 1945)
Mechanical globe desk calendar
Mechanical roll-type desk calendar
Square, crystal ashtray/paperweight
Ashtray w/ 2 pelicans, round, chrome plated
Granite paperweight
Wooden rectangular paperweight, w/ silver plate from 4-H
Bronze bull and calendar, "Alamo, San Antonio, Texas"
"The President's Engagement" (list of the day's activities) on a blue leather stand
Glass inkwell, square
"Aeroplane dash-board clock" Wittnauer on plex. stand
Water pitcher
Desktop magnifying glass
Clock/barometer in tan leather fold-up case
Round, brass ashtray, w/ raised seal of the State of Illinois
Lighter w/ photo of Truman and Pres. Seal inside, plex. cylinder and chrome
Silver Revere bowl
Paperweight "Dewey Defeats Truman"
Letter opener
Electric clock, "Telechron"
Rectangular wooden base for desk calendar (calendar missing)
Circular, hammered copper ashtray
Ashtray, "USS Williamsburg," round metal nickel plated
Ashtray, "USS Sequoia," round metal, nickel plated
Ashtray, rectangular brass, BPOE, Lewistown, PA
Flower vase, cut glass
Two (2) water glasses
Pr. scissors for desktop
Bunker Hill cannonball on base
Small Naval cannon on wood base
Framed photo of Margaret (daughter) by Hessler
Framed photo of Martha Truman (Truman's mother)
Framed photo of Mary Jane (sister) and Mama and Vivian (brother)
Framed photo of Bess
Ear of corn in lucite
B-36 ashtray
Coal name plate "Harry S. Truman"
Hallicrafters radio receiver and speaker
Statuette of Chief Blackhawk
Knight in armor cigarette lighter
Bronze bust of Artigas
Two (2) small 48-star flags with black staffs and gold staff heads (bases made from display cut from broomsticks)
New York Times front page, Aug. 28, 1950
Bronze plaque "Interfaith Movement" presented Aug. 10, 1950
The Evening Star, Monday, August 28, 1950