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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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Developing Questioning Skills by Investigating Political Cartoons

Students analyze a collection of political cartoons and come up with questions find out more about the situations the cartoons depict

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Truman and Executive Order 9981: Idealistic, Pragmatic, or Shrewd Politician?

Formulate a deeper level of understanding of Truman and Executive Order 9981 by allowing students to construct their own opinion based upon evidence from primary sources

Author: Jon Bauer
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Analyzing a Political Comic Book Prepared for the 1948 Campaign

Students analyze a biographical comic book summarizing President Harry S. Truman's life prepared by the Democratic Party.

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Cuban Missile Crisis in Thirteen Days

Use of lecture/film with primary documents to increase student understanding of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Author: Janell Cinquini
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The Hello Girls in World War I

Students will work in learning communities (small groups) to create a presentation explaining the role of The Hello Girls in WWI.

Author: Melanie Hendrix
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