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Letters to a President

Students will study and analyze letters written to Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depressions while he was implementing the New Deal programming. The students will reflect and compare the . . .

Author: Elizabeth Dunlap
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The United Nations; who they are and why they have your back; or do they?

Students will do individual exploratory research, using the internet and primary documents provided, which they will utilize in the group creation of a power point presentation over at least three acc . . .

Author: Nancy Ohmart
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Berlin Airlift

Create a meal (or meals) to complete a day's worth of calories for Berliners at the time of the Airlift and present to class in order to visualize what they were actually eating.

Author: Mary Barcroft
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Essential Question: Was Truman's Decision to drop the bomb, to end the War in the Pacific, Justified or Not?

Therefore, students will analysis and evaluate primary documents, videos, excerpts from newspapers and books, and then in groups will create a persuasive essay supporting their point of view, includin . . .

Author: Nancy Ohmart
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MacArthur and McChrystal

Students will study a U.S. President removing a high-ranking military officer from command by comparing Truman's firing of MacArthur with Obama accepting McChrystal's offer to resign.

Author: Henry Grubb
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