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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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The Lives and Legacies of our Presidents and First Ladies through a Wax Museum Presentation

• Students will research and analyze the lives and legacies of a US President or US First Lady, utilizing at least three online websites and at least one written source

Author: Nancy Ohmart
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The Truman, Eisenhower & Nixon Doctrines: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy during the Cold War

Students will examine three cornerstones of American foreign policy during the Cold War -- the Truman, Eisenhower & Nixon Doctrines.

Author: Valerie Schrag
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Primary Documents and American History

Get student to make connections between documents and history using Civil War primary sources

Author: Georganna Krumlinde
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Timeline Activity 1848-1856

Students must understand the progression of events in the 1850s to comprehend how difficult it became to reconcile differing opinions in the nation over slavery, states rights, and territorial expansi . . .

Author: Valerie Schrag
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In Between the Wars: The Great Depression

Students will study the New Deal and The Great Depression.

Author: Pamela D. Turner
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