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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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The Holocaust: Resistance Movements

Six sessions of activities centered around the Newbery Award-winning novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Author: Jill McComas
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Tweet It!: Truman's Big Decision Edition

This lesson will require students to examine the primary sources of personal letters and conduct biographical research on either President or first lady Truman. They will then use their information t . . .

Author: Lindsay Kingsolver
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Music in a Wartime Culture: Comparing the Music of WWI and the Current War on Terrorism

Students will identify several underlying themes of war inspired music and analyze the effect the author is trying to create.

Author: Jeff Benes
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The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bombs

Students will write a 20-point persuasive essay explaining their decision on how to end WWII

Author: Keith Rains
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Berlin Airlift

After a short PowerPoint introducing the Berlin Blockade, the students will participate in a cooperative learning activity emphasizing the study of primary sources to increase understanding of Truman& . . .

Author: Janell Sowers
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