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Kansas, Missouri, and the Civil War, 1854-1865

Students will utilize Google Earth to build a route map of a participant in the Border War between Missouri and Kansas, noting stops and events along their path in the war

Author: Derek Frieling
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Not- Just-Military, Military History: the Interplay of Political and Social Influences on Civil War Battles

Students will research a major battle of the Civil War and prepare a resource paper that outlines all aspects of the battle: the overall military objectives, the reasons for troop placement, the pers . . .

Author: Doug Winkler
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The Feminist Movement, Then and Now

Students will conduct research to gain an understanding for where women started in American society, and as a result a better understanding of how they got to the position they are in today.

Author: Zach Shockey
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Students will read through the Bill of Rghts and put into their own words what those rights mean today. They will then prioritize those rights as they apply to students.

Author: Amy Turner
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Students will analyze how political boundaries change with major world events by examining primary documents in small groups.

Author: Kate Sutter
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