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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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How does music impact culture?

Students will be developing a CD with a compilation of jazz songs that best exemplifies the Jazz Era (1920s-1930s). They will create a CD cover, an insert with each song title, its lyrics, and justifi . . .

Author: Rachel Wilbanks
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Analyzing Congressional Passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act

To help students understand that while political party affiliation often has a profound impact upon Congressional voting, geographic considerations especially during the ante bellum era can have an ev . . .

Author: John Kerr
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Truman Declines to Comply

Truman Declines to Comply

Author: Chas Algaier
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Recognize Israel? You Decide

Students will analyze primary documents concerning the recognition of Israel.

Author: Robert Brosseau
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Wild About Harry's Library and Museum

Students will be assigned an area of the museum to closely examine during our field trip to the Decision Center. At the museum, students will gather information about their assigned area. If possible . . .

Author: Lynette Williams
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