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Popular Sovereignty or Shall Kansas Be A Free or Slave State?

To illustrate the two differing/opposite points of view on the expansion of slavery into the territory of Kansas and later the issue of slavery in the entire country.

Author: Mike King
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Identity Politics in the 1960s and 1970s: Women & Native Americans

In this lesson, the students will apply their knowledge of the tactics and strategies used during the Civil Rights Movement to the movements for women’s rights and Native American rights. The s . . .

Author: Valerie Schrag
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Cold War in Asia

The purpose of this lesson is to link the Communist Revolution in China (1949) to subsequent Cold War events, including Korea and McCarthyism.

Author: Cara Satterfield
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Kansas: to be free or not to be that is the question

The lesson will be an individual assignment that will lead into group discussion. The lesson will be based on the reading of two primary sources (John Brown Speech to the Court and the Kansas Emigran . . .

Author: Joe Henke
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Make Nixon President in 1960

Students will create a Social Media Campaign for Richard Nixon in hopes of him winning the 1960 Election

Author: Josue Campos
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