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Letters to a President

Students will study and analyze letters written to Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depressions while he was implementing the New Deal programming. The students will reflect and compare the . . .

Author: Elizabeth Dunlap
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Weapons of War

I want the students to grasp what the soldiers on both sides of the Civil War used to fight the war. As we continue on in history, we will compare these weapons to weapons used in WWI and WWII. Stude . . .

Author: Janet Rovenstine
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Considering the 1860 Election

Students will get a chance to a hands-on project and will get to incorporate competition, propaganda, lobbying and victory or defeat.

Author: Keith Rains
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FDR's Presidential Elections

Research basic information about the four presidential elections of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944) to complete "FDR's Presidential Election - Organizing Information Chart . . .

Author: Jay Martens
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The campaign and election of 1948-Digital Scrapbook

Students will research and analyze primary and secondary sources on the 1948 U.S. Presidential Campaign and produce a digital scrapbook.

Author: Megan Horn
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