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Tales of Truman's Travels Fifty Years Ago

Developing research skills in third graders using Truman's extensive travels as a jumping off point

Author: Evalyn Long
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Treaty of Versailles- Impact on foreign relations

By analyzing and conceptualizing the Treaty of Versailles and the major players in the peace process, students can begin to delve into the complexities of the underlying issues of the peace treaty.

Author: Catrina Pelton
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U.S. Policy in Latin America throughout the Cold War

The students will read primary documents, participate in seminar discussions about the documents, and ultimately write a persuasive essay about their findings.

Author: Genie Burke
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Debate: To Go or Not To Go (Containment and the Truman Doctrine)

Cooperative learning/using primary sources/critical thinking

Author: Keith Rains
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Who's the Boss?

Students will analyze primary documents concerning Truman and MacArthur's professional relationship to help them discover appropriate aspects of relationships between employees and their bosses.

Author: Kate Sutter
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