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Remembering Hiroshima

Student will investigate and compare the personal experiences included in Rod Hersey’s book Hiroshima with the first-hand account of American Nikolay Palchikoff’s visit to Hiro . . .

Author: Pam Smith
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Character in Leadership

Teach students about Harry S. Truman through use of primary and secondary sources, physical artifacts, research, and role playing

Author: Judy Zeih
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How Important Is What Happened In Kansas and Missouri to the Coming Civil War?

To show students that the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the effects of John Brown's and other raids along the border.

Author: Nancy Witt
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Ordinary Citizens Create History

This lesson will allow students to participate in history within the context of an ordinary person (Margaret Hays) and then create history with the student becoming the primary source for events they . . .

Author: Diane Haywood
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Factors Contributing to US recognition of Israel

This lesson is designed to help students understand the complex issues that contributed to the US recognizing the State of Israel. In addition will it will help to put that action into a bigger pictu . . .

Author: Tracy Murray
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