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Political Cartoons: Introduction to Symbols

Reflection and analysis of symbols and their use in political cartoons

Author: Mark Adams
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Why Support the Marshall Plan?

This lesson will help students focus on the needs of the world following World War II and will allow the students to use and understand the importance of political cartoons as a primary source.

Author: Sam Scott
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The Feminist Movement, Then and Now

Students will conduct research to gain an understanding for where women started in American society, and as a result a better understanding of how they got to the position they are in today.

Author: Zach Shockey
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Captain Harry & Bess: Letters from WW1

Students will receive three or four letters written by Truman to Bess Wallace and analyze them

Author: David Mulligan
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Developing Questioning Skills by Investigating Political Cartoons

Students analyze a collection of political cartoons and come up with questions find out more about the situations the cartoons depict

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