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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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Presidential Election Politics: Past to Present. A focus on the Presidential elections of 1796, 1948 and 2016

This lesson will allow students to gain insights into the political customs and traditions associated with presidential elections.

Author: Tim Gallagher
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Violent vs. Non-violent Protest: Which provides the best chance to advocate positive change?

This series of activities will incorporate individual work in interpreting primary sources, cooperative group learning in the form of class debates, and cross-curricular learning with language arts as . . .

Author: Zach Shockey
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Guerrilla Season Book Study

To help students understand life on the Missouri/Kansas border during the "Bleeding Kansas" time period.

Author: Erin Garvey
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George Marshall

Poster analysis and production focusing on George Marshall and The Marshall Plan

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The Lemon Tree: A Case Study on the Creation of the State of Israel (1948)

The students will use both individual assignments and cooperative learning to explore a case study on the creation of the state of Israel.

Author: Valerie Schrag
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