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Visit a County in the Ozarks

Students will do online and offline research to determine the historical, cultural, and economic aspects of a county in the Ozarks.

Author: Kate Sutter
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Berlin Airlift

The Berlin Airlift was a significant factor in the future of the Cold War. This activity will be used in class as a bridge to the Cold War era, helping students to understand "East and West Berl . . .

Author: Nancy H. Muller
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Machine Politics Between the Wars: Kansas City as a Case Study

Students will research the Internet for information on machine politics in the 1920's and 30's making note of common characteristics. Students will read primary and secondary sources.

Author: Diane R. Elliott
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Britain and the Truman Doctrine

Students will use a variety of sources to focus in on Britain’s decision to withdraw from the Mediterranean

Author: David Mulligan
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The Holocaust - Yesterday & Today

This lesson helps students reflect on what they can do when they encounter unfair treatment.

Author: Mark Lagergren
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