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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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Evolution of Freedom of Speech

Cooperative Learning - groups of two will research and report back to class. Class draws conclusion(s) as a group.

Author: Robert Brosseau
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The Florida Panhandle and World War I

Students will conduct research about the Florida Panhandle region and its veterans during World War I

Author: Pam Smith
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The United Nations; who they are and why they have your back; or do they?

Students will do individual exploratory research, using the internet and primary documents provided, which they will utilize in the group creation of a power point presentation over at least three acc . . .

Author: Nancy Ohmart
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The Road to the Presidency

Students will research requirements and qualities of presidential leadership and create a PowerPoint to share their research findings

Author: Janet Richards
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Looking at Media Bias in the Civil War

Be able to compare the difference of opinions depending on sides in the Civil War using primary sources

Author: Amy Pratt
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