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Kansas in the American Civil War

In this activity the student will use two primary sources of a famous painting and a picture that depict what was going on in Kansas and Missouri during the border wars

Author: Cheryl McConnell
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Desegregation of the Armed Forces

The students will analyze six groups of primary sources documents related to the desegregation of the armed forces on July 26, 1948. They will work together to gain a broader understanding of both th . . .

Author: Valerie Schrag
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Truman and Executive Order 9981: Idealistic, Pragmatic, or Shrewd Politician?

Formulate a deeper level of understanding of Truman and Executive Order 9981 by allowing students to construct their own opinion based upon evidence from primary sources

Author: Jon Bauer
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Comparing the Articles of Confederation and the League of Nations

Discussion, group research, individual paper.

Author: Catrina Pelton
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Factors Contributing to US recognition of Israel

This lesson is designed to help students understand the complex issues that contributed to the US recognizing the State of Israel. In addition will it will help to put that action into a bigger pictu . . .

Author: Tracy Murray
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