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In the Name of

Students will write a letter to an appropriate government official arguing for or against the use of the Special Minimum Wage Certificate

Author: Elizabeth Boxley
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World War One in Songs and Pictures

After viewing the MovieMaker presentation titled, "WWI Cemeteries", students will listen to "Will Ye Go to Flanders" by Jane Tabor and complete Song Analysis with teacher.

Author: Jesse McClain
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Analyzing American Aid in the Face of Fear

Students will participate in a group analysis and comparison of political cartoons from the post World War II debate over the Marshall Plan as well as the current American conflicts in Iraq and Afghan . . .

Author: Stephanie Biggs
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Road Building in Miami County Kansas 1920-40

This project will examine the effect of Federal Programs of the 1930's on the rate of road paving in the various decades. We will also explore the impact of road building on various parts of the . . .

Author: Eldon Evans
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Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka

Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka

Author: Kevin Harmon
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