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Matilda Brown, one of Truman's teachers

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Desegregation of the Military

This activity will give students an awareness of the types of documents that advisors consider as they advise a president. Their analysis will help them see the different viewpoints to consider.

Author: Kay Barnes
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What are They Thinking? The 1948 Election

Students will work individually or in pairs to analyze Norman Rockwell's Family Squabble

Author: Kate Sutter
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What's in a picture? A governmental system

Students will take part in a lesson where they are shown pictures of certain leaders. When the students see the picture they will be asked to describe the person and any characteristics they can make . . .

Author: Kent Padgett
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White House First Ladies

Students will compare and contrast First Ladies

Author: Kevin Harmon
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Harry S. Truman and Civil Rights

Author: Stephanie Seim
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