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Analyzing the Marshall Plan Speech

For homework, each student will be given a transcript of the speech given by George Marshall at Harvard University on June 5, 1947, and a list of 11 questions (added to the bottom of this form) to ans . . .

Author: John Kerr
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1950 Congressional Election

Students will analyze results of the 1950 congressional elections to determine how/why the Democrats lost enough seats to cause President Truman to lose a working majority in Congress.

Author: David Mulligan
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Gettysburg Address Close Read

Close read of Gettysburg Address activity

Author: Kevin Harmon
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The Florida Panhandle and World War I

Students will conduct research about the Florida Panhandle region and its veterans during World War I

Author: Pam Smith
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Fiction Books and the Civil War

Most students would rather read fiction. The idea is for them to use fiction to learn history; thus increasing their understanding of history, and increasing the amount of reading they do

Author: Georganna Krumlinde
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