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Analyzing George Caleb Bingham Order No. 11

Students will use George Caleb Bingham’s Order No. 11 painting to analyze varying viewpoints during the "Bleeding Kansas" conflict.

Author: Erin Garvey
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The Marshall Plan, Pros and Cons

Students will analyze the Marshall Plan (primary sources) and draw conclusions as to the pro and cons to the aid.

Author: Janet Rovenstine
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The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations

Students will conduct technology based research in primary sources on the Treaty of Versailles and participate in a Socratic Seminar for assessment.

Author: Angela Scheer
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Harry (and Bess) Truman's Excellent Adventure

Students will complete a geography book report/project based on the book

Author: Lynette Williams
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War Crimes

This is a cumulative lesson on the Holocaust. This lesson will be used towards the end of the Holocaust Unit. Students will have a thorough knowledge of the Holocaust. This lesson may be used before o . . .

Author: Pamela Blevins
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