Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

September 18

Truman was not a picky eater. However, he preferred traditional farm style food like roast and fried chicken. When pushed to comment on his food preferences he one time stated: "Never notice what's put before me. Learned in the army to eat what could be obtained and like it. In my outfit when a man kicked about the food, he was given a chance to improve it. That soon cured the kickers and they took what was put before them and liked it."

In spite of this comment, Truman did have a fondness for his aunt's pound cake. The recipe had been in the family for "200 years"

  • One pound of white sugar
  • One pound of flour
  • nine good size eggs
  • one pound of butter
  • one teaspoon lemon extract

Beat the egg yolks and blend in all other ingredients except the egg whites which are beaten until stiff and folded in last. Bake in a very slow oven about two hours. Should be baked in a pan with a flue in the center. Ice the cake with white icing and decorate with walnut meat halves.

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