Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

The Beginning of the Journey

Harry Truman began his train trip in September 1948. His special train was call the "Magellan."

President Truman chose to travel by train so that he could stop and give speeches to people in many towns around the United States. The train could go slowly and safely through the big crowds that would gather in large cities to hear President Truman spea k. It could race across the prairies.

The train had 17 cars. The train had two diners where people could eat. It had three lounge cars where people could sit and talk or read. The train had cars where people could sleep. The train had a press car where newspaper reporters traveling with Pres ident Truman could write stories for their newspapers.

The most important car of the train was the car where President Truman and his family lived during the campaign.

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