Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

FAQ: Is that piano in the Treasures exhibit Margaret's piano?

The piano in the Treasures exhibit was not "Margaretís piano." The only piano on exhibit at the Library that was actually located at the White House is the piano in the Dear Bess exhibit. The Steinway Piano Company loaned that piano to the White House in 1937. It remained in the White House until President Richard M. Nixon "presented" it to President Truman for exhibition at the Library. Apparently President Nixon was not aware that the piano did not belong to the government. Upon learning of President Nixonís "gift" to President Truman, the Steinway Piano Company graciously informed the Truman Library that it would be happy to continue the loan arrangement with the Library in place of the White House.

"Margaretís piano" probably refers to a piano that broke through the flooring of the White House second floor study. That event, caused by the then sadly deteriorating state of the White House, prompted the restoration of the White House during President Trumanís administration.