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FAQ: In a letter, a little boy asks Truman whether he could get him a dog. Did the President comply with this request?

In a letter dated January 12, 1948, Rusty Gilliland, aged 13, of Sarasota, Florida, asked President Truman about a puppy that he (the President) recently received. Rusty said that he heard that President Truman might not keep the puppy and he offered to provide a home to the animal, whom he said he would name "Whitey."

The cocker spaniel puppy, named "Feller" was a gift to President Truman in December, 1947. When the press reported that the Trumans would not be keeping the puppy, many people wrote to offer him a home. "Feller" was given by the President to the family of Brig. Gen. Wallace Graham, his personal physician.

The Trumans were not a pet owning family, although Margaret did receive the gift of an Irish Setter, whom she named "Mike." Mike stayed at the White House for a short period of time early in President Trumanís administration.